Consultation & Fee

First Consultation:

First consultation will last 1 hour and 30 minutes. This time is dedicated to building up detailed history of you and your health. Advice on modifications to dietary and lifestyle factors will be given if it is noted that these could possibly be contributing to your condition.

Follow-up Consultations:

The second consultation usually takes place approximately 2 weeks after your first consultation. Follow-up consultations may last thirty to forty five minutes. Your condition will be reviewed and a further prescription dispensed if necessary. Any changes in your condition may be reflected in the new prescription if applicable, so that the herbs are tailored specifically to your current needs at every follow-up appointment. After the first few consultations, a longer amount of time is usually left between one consultation and the next. Any prescribed herbal medicine must be paid for following each consultation.


All herbal medicines used are high quality preparations provided from specialist outlets supplying the medical herbalist professionals, and are mostly organic. Many tinctures used in Ebruli Herbal Practice are highly concentrated liquid preparations and dried herbs which are kept in a safe dispensary.


First Consultation: £80
Follow-up Consultations: £30
Children’s Consultations: £30

Herbal Prescriptions

Tinctures: £12-£15 per week (105ml)
Teas: £10 per 100gr
Creams: £12 per 30ml

Acupuncture Fees

First Consultation: 60 minutes £60
Follow-up Consultations: 30 minutes £40