Ebru Ertem - Medical Herbalist London

My name is Ebru Ertem, I was born in Turkey. After graduating from Ankara University (philosophy) I moved to London in 1999.

I successfully graduated in Herbal Medicine at Middlesex University. The course is accredited by the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH), which is the UK's leading professional body, representing herbal practitioners. I am a fully registered and insured member of NIMH.

After graduating in Herbal Medicine, I successfully trained at Middlesex University as an Acupuncturist and I obtained a diploma in Acupuncture. Currently, I’m also training in Homoeopathy. I believe that a combination of different therapies will provide a good solution to problems.

I have provided extra support to a local Community Cancer Centre as an Acupuncturist; focusing mainly in pain management.

I possess a deep interest, passion and knowledge in natural therapies and come from a family that have been involved with natural treatment and therapies in Turkey. I provide professional and comprehensive treatment services to make a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of all my clients.